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hey there - Meys here.

as i'm sure at least most people seeing this know, i've been hard at work on a new Echo Vessel record entitled In Search of. it's taking a while because i'm wildly indecisive but also because i want to make sure this record is worth the (relatively) bonkers amount of time i've spent tinkering with it. i think it's gonna be a special one. more news and waxing poetic on that soon - however!

today i am finally working up the absolute nerve to share a sneak peek into the weird world of that record, through a special backer EP i'm calling others. it's a collection of demos and songs that i've been working on in the gulf (canyon?) between my last record and this one. there are some primordial demos, some versions of songs i've worked on in the past, one i'm working on now, and one or two i'm going to revisit in the future. (i don't want to call it a B-side collection because that's mean, but it's kind of what it is.) at the very end of this release is a sneak peek at an unfinished version of "Phantom Limb", the first single from In Search of! this version is for backers eyes only - this song is being cleaned up and finished for a real, final release later in the summer. anyway, enough talk, take a listen and let me know what you think @echovessel on Twitter. enjoy!


released June 18, 2019




Echo Vessel Los Angeles, California

IM YR CARTOON. curation @ neo-detritus, host of "mood board" on Rip It Up Radio

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