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Hyperreality - EP

by Echo Vessel

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Hyperreality is a collection of songs i worked on for five years, through loss, through deepest depression, through escape, through return. up until recently, there was a full album surrounding these songs. i'm not the same person i was when i started writing these - i realized that in order to close the book on that part of my life i needed to move on and get my babies out there in the world. i can't say that i'm not terrified to put these out, but i feel these are the four songs that can best explain where i've been for so long.

i really hope you enjoy these. i'll see you soon.

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released March 27, 2020

the Hyperreality EP was written in bits and pieces from 2015 to 2019 in a little room in Cypress Park and in a couple of slightly larger rooms in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. the EP was recorded and mixed by Echo Vessel in Los Angeles throughout 2019 and early 2020. it was mastered by Nick Pitman in Brooklyn in early 2020 and finally released in the spring of 2020 by neo-detritus.

Meys Quintana (as Echo Vessel):
* writing, recording, vocals, production, mixing, packaging

Gary DiFiore:
* guitar (track 1)

"Phantom Limb" contains a sample from "La Chanson D'Orphee" by Sonia Rosa.
"Pressure" contains samples from "Waltz for Debby" by Bill Evans and "Too Much" by Sufjan Stevens.
"Silencio" contains a sample from "Last Date" by Gil Trythall.

thank you MG, Nicky, al, Rob, Zoja, John, Jame, David, Joey, Sean, Will, Tyler, Mal, Jordan, Ian, Gary, Nick, Nick 2, Alyssa, Lloyd, Matt, Claudia, Valyri

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Echo Vessel Los Angeles, California

basking in the light. curating neo-detritus, the label.

for press inquiries just @ me

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Track Name: Phantom Limb
i said i found my phantom limb but i was lying
i said i finally found my place in altar light
but theres nothing in my way that wants me trying
so ill drown myself and wait for afterlife

i thought i found the perfect hymn that i was writing
i thought i finally made my space in mortal life
but the darkness in the hearts intensifying
so ill stick around and wait for solar light to come

theres a line that passes through the undercurrent
theres a place on the horizon that i like
think ill stay there for a minute and survive survive survive
and eventually ill find that ill arise

i said i found my missing piece despite the trying
although i finally found my place in all the lights
thought of something in the way was terrifying
so i stopped and lied in wait for autumn life

had a thought about my present state of being
as i walked along the boardwalk late at night
when i looked into the water all my fears were neutralized
and eventually i knew that i was right

i finally found my phantom limb i wasnt lying
i knew i finally found the spark in normal life
there was something in the way that kept me trying
now im standing here and basking in the light

now im standing here and basking in the light
feeling love and life reacting in the light
watch the dark disintegrating in the light
when i die ill disappear into the light
Track Name: Pressure
i can feel the pressure rising away from home
i can see the neighbors calling out to you
"dont you worry about a thing"
"dont you tell me about a thing"

the signs along the hill they flash a deeper red
that darkness manifests itself alone in you
its pointless to feel your own upswing
cause that never solves anything

the pressure will push you to the brink
you wont have any time to think
Track Name: descanso
fire spreads across the coastline
as a grey-red tint is splayed across the sky
the sun doesnt shine on the grids anymore
or maybe i was right and they never did

as i watched the endless night encroach
i decided i would run away
just narrowly outrunning the shadow
on the eastbound 10

ambling up the hill overlooking the valley
i took it all in for what felt like the longest time
all uninterrupted space

i was a kid the first time i saw the lights on the horizon

the world turned nauseous on its axis
but we were all sick of moving in real time
i had another monica bellucci dream
and i think i know what it meant this time

when all the venture capitalists are gone
and the opportunists are banished
and the rich are eaten
will nature reclaim the grid city

i came back to that hill recently
and it looked like they had built a golf course
and some luxury housing
and there was a whole foods on the way

i was a kid the last time i saw the lights on the horizon
Track Name: Silencio
all i want is
all i felt
come september
there was nothing left

theres no music
theres no band
i ran furthest
from my helping hands

all i want is
all i had
by late december
i had concrete plans

did you notice
that i had built
nothing like this
and nothing else

all i want is
all i knew
by the summer
id begin anew

i saw your versions
splayed out on the floor
i saw nothing
that i could before

as the days turned
to longer nights
darkness unearthed
by a blinding light

i felt the snarling
from behind the door
the sun is rising
but for how much more?

a nightmare descending
who are you defending
a bloated pus filled fascist mess
your silence is indifference

all the time is blending
it feels the world is ending
im drowning in the mess ive made
i cannot tell how far ive strayed

dont tell me i am done
this isnt my swan song
all this work and all this pain
has killed my sense of right and wrong

tell me i am strong
please tell me i belong
take me to the places
that i knew when i was young

sail me to the island
that i knew when i was young
show me all the colors
that i knew when i was young

(a nightmare descending
who are you defending)

as time passes
i am nursed to health
some years later
i am someone else

staring blankly
at the summer sky
i remembered
how it felt to die

all i want is
all i was
lo que quiero 
es un gran silencio
un gran silencio
un gran silencio
un gran silencio
un gran silencio
un gran silencio
un gran silencio
un gran silencio
un gran silencio
un gran silencio
un gran silencio
un gran silencio
un gran silencio
un gran silencio